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To each their own. Going under the knife to get a feature enhanced or getting a reconstructive or any form of cosmetic surgery is a personal decision. Undivulged by many, cosmetic surgery bring many practical benefits to the patient like liposuction aids weight management and minimizes pressure on the joints and bones; rhinoplasty improves breathing of the patients, etc.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeon released the statistics of 2017 for cosmetic surgery which indicates continued growth in cosmetic procedures over the last year. Cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation, liposuction, nose surgery were the top five cosmetic surgeries performed in 2017.

With the increasing demand for cosmetic surgeries, it is imperative that you have an adept cosmetic surgeon to guide you through the consultation, surgery and help you with any post-surgery complications if any. You can’t just randomly select any doctor someone referred without interviewing them to your satisfaction. The potential cosmetic surgeon is going to change your appearance. So be cautious and keep the following factors in mind when looking for a cosmetic surgeon:


A proficient and confident cosmetic surgeon will not hesitate in answering the question of any magnitude, their patient asks. Do the thorough research, be well prepared with the questions and ask all the questions you have regarding the procedure.


Most of the cosmetic surgeon are certified but not each of them is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery. Make sure your potential surgeon is board certified by national medical, since they are specifically trained and uniquely qualified to perform cosmetic procedures.


Verify the years of training they have undergone and also ask for their experience and frequency in the particular cosmetic surgery. Dr. Paul C Drago is a specialist in cosmetic surgery in Greenville, with an expansive twenty-five years of experience in Medical Science, known for enhancing facial features without giving an artificial look .


Consultation is a great way to observe the cosmetic surgeon’s demeanor. Do they make you feel at ease, or they keep boasting about their facility without any consideration for your inquiries? Do they answer every question in detail and a professional manner? Consultation to surgery can be a long duration, and you need to be comfortable and sure of the person you are giving the responsibility to.


Verify that the surgeon is licensed to practice within that state, through the medical board of your country to and view any disciplinary actions taken against the surgeon.

A well respected and self-assured cosmetic surgeon will have no issues with giving out the names of their previous patients.

Ask the surgeon for before and after procedures pictures of the previous patients. This will help you understand the ability and training of the surgeon.

You can also look for their reviews online. Also, check how they respond to negative reviews, it can be telling of the surgeon’s etiquette.

If you are thinking about getting a facial liposuction, chin augmentation, reduction, otoplasty or any other cosmetic surgery but are flummoxed with several questions like how do I prepare myself for the surgery, which surgery would be best suited for enhancing the specific part of my body etc., immediately schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul C Drago today.

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