Think Your Face is Too Square? Try Surgery

Think Your Face is Too Square? Try Surgery

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There was a time where plastic surgeries were primarily done to straighten crooked noses and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Today, plastic surgeries can fix all kinds of issues with your face and body.

Facial plastic surgeons are more confident about digging and chipping away at bones to create a more contoured, narrower look.

Recently, the Korean Square Jaw surgery has taken the world by storm. As the K-pop culture goes global, the international audience has been quick to notice the perfectly angled faces of Korean celebrities—many of whom have undergone the square jaw surgery.

Here’s what you need to know about square jaw surgeries:

1.     Straight Osteotomy

Straight osteotomy involves cutting the jaw bone to create a straight line. The problem with straight osteotomy is that it can look unnatural. Even people with the most narrow and pointed chins don’t have a completely straight jawline.

When surgeons cut the jaw’s angle in a straight line, the back side of the jawline looks weirdly sharp. Sometimes patients may ask to undergo another corrective surgical procedure to soften the jawline and make it look more natural.

2.     Sequential Osteotomy

In a sequential osteotomy, the patient’s square jawline is cut in straight line repeatedly until the desired results are achieved. When sequential osteotomies go well, the jawline looks visibly smoother.

If you are considering getting a sequential osteotomy, make sure to go to an experienced facial plastic surgeon that can cut the jawline without damaging the tissue.

Bear in mind that cutting away at the jawline repeatedly takes time so you should be prepared for a long procedure.

3.     Curve Osteotomy & Long Curve Osteotomy

Patients that are concerned about looking unnatural should opt for a curved and long curve osteotomy. This procedure is carried out using advanced equipment that allows surgeons to carve the jaw in such a way that looks natural.

Compared to other jawline surgical procedures a curve osteotomy takes less time and doesn’t look fake.

4.     Cortical Osteotomy

Cortical osteotomy is used when the lower jaw angle is thicker than the rest of the face, making it look wider in the front. For it to be done properly, the muscles in the surrounding area and facial fat will need to be reduced simultaneously.

Jawline surgeries are incredibly complicated and should only be carried out by seasoned facial plastic surgeons.

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