Help For Chronic Ear Infections In Infants

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Infections are very common when it comes to infants as they are more susceptible to germs, it is extremely important to take care of the ear infections and issues faced by infants. Inflammation of the middle ear often leads to a number of chronic ear infections in infants. Dr. Paul Drago is an ENT specialist based in Greenville sc known for treating chronic ear infections especially in children. It is due to the years of expertise that Dr. paul Drago is a preeminent doctor in the Greenville SC.


What Causes Chronic ear Infections?

Human ear consists of three parts of which the middle ear produces certain types of secretions which drain out from eustachian tube into the throat. Another important feature of eustachian tube is to maintain an airflow through ear. This is done for the purpose of equalizing the air pressure which is an essential type of balance. Infection takes place at the time when the fluids do not get drained from the ears in proper manner and infection is caused by the bacteria present within. Mostly children and infants are more susceptible to the same as they have comparatively smaller tubes in comparison to adults and draining of the fluids often gets disturbed.

How is it treated?

In order to treat these type of infections, doctors like Dr. Paul Drago residing in Greenville SC prescribe certain antibiotics that work against the bacteria causing infections within the middle part of the ear. Sometimes when antibiotics fail to work in desired way various surgical procedures like Myringotomy is advised and often operated as well. In this surgery a small grommet or ventilation tube made out of plastic or similar material is inserted within the eardrums for proper draining of the fluids. The entire purpose of the surgery is to treat and remove all the infections beings from the middle ear of the infants of adults.

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