Cosmetic Surgery Myths Debunked

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Despite how common cosmetic surgery has become, it still gets a bad rep every now and then. Due to botched nose jobs, excessive Botox and ‘plastic’ appearances, plastic surgery still has a negative perception associated to it.

All this negativity and fear of going under the knife for cosmetic modifications, has given birth to plenty of myths that are simply not true. When your surgery is being performed by a reputable, fully-certified plastic surgeon, you have nothing to fear.

Here are some myths you need to watch out for when going for cosmetic surgery:

1.     All cosmetic surgeons are “real” plastic surgeons

Unfortunately, you don’t have to go through specific training to be able to call yourself a plastic surgeon; you just need a medical license.

People looking to get plastic surgeries have to do their research to find surgeons that have a track record of successful plastic surgeries to prove their competence.

2.     All plastic surgery board certifications are the same

So if a license is all that you need to practice medicine, how can you tell the good physicians from the bad ones?

Hospitals cannot afford to be hit by medical negligence lawsuits and for that reason they only hire the most qualified professionals. They look at the experience, qualifications, education and certifications from various medical/surgery boards. Candidates certified from notable boards are most likely to be hired.

Fully trained plastic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). To receive the certification from this board, physicians have to undergo 6–9 years of training, pass a written test and a 2-day oral exam as well.

No other plastic surgery board requires this level of training.

3.     It’s disrespectful to question a plastic surgeon

Most qualified surgeons appreciate informed patients and are more than happy to answer all their questions. Although these questions won’t impact the results of the procedure, they will help you make a better decision.

Generally, most educated patients have smoother surgeries and recovery because they know what they’re getting into and there’s less anxiety overall.

Dr. Paul C. Drago is an ENT physician who provides medical consultation and surgical procedures for ear, nose and throat. He is also a medical executive in Otolaryngology and cosmetic surgery.

If you’re  living in Greenville, SC or nearby communities and are interested in getting a plastic surgery, contact Dr. Paul C. Drago’s office.

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