About Dr. Paul Drago

Dr. Paul Drago backed up by a rich medical studies. He has worked hard in his profession where he performed role as a teacher, researcher, publication etc. as well as he participated in numerous of researches including treatment of squamous cell carcinoma, the creation of effective hearing assistance devices, and the use of lasers in ophthalmic surgery.

Dr. Paul Drago has earned his degree in doctor of medicine from one of the best university of medicine situated in Ohio state. As a student, he received plenty of awards for consistent performance. He was also named as a student of the year in the department of Otolaryngology and head and neck surgery. After completion of graduation, he did an internship in general surgery. later on he went to learn further in otolaryngology at the university hospital of Cleveland.

Presently, Dr. Paul Drago is a medical director for the department of correction in South Carolina. The vision of doctor paul drago has always been overall health care of his patient for a smooth long healthy life of the patients. As he accomplished fair enough in a medical field still, he is keen to learn more and continue participating in various of education training for betterment. In recent research, it is been seen that MD. drago is the most preferable and prominent doctor to choose for within or nearby areas. He makes good use of modern technology for quick healing also the former patients of Dr. Drago agreed that his treatment is one of the most effective and suitable one as compared to others.   

In addition, Dr. Drago has worked with medical missions that travelled to the Dominican Republic to provide his knowledge of the medical field. Dr. Drago is also invited to international university and hospitals to share his expertise knowledge of medical science to students.