4 Things you Must Know about Cosmetic Consultation

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So, you have researched for a certified plastic surgeon near you and shortlisted a few for consultation. But what exactly you should look forward to. Consultation is one part of the process that almost every patient has in common. Here, you interview the potential doctors and select the one who is the best for you!

There’s a lot you get to know in a consultation and this is the part which help you in finding the right surgeon. So, let’s take a look at the things that you must know about cosmetic consultation.

1. Certified Doctor and Accredited Facility

A reputable surgeon should always be forthcoming of his/her certification, training and experience. Also, for your personal safety, facility accreditation is extremely necessary. They should be equipped with only the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, emergency readiness and anesthesia administration. For instance, Dr. Paul C. Drago always conducts the cosmetic surgeries in an accredited surgical facility.

2. Reliability and Trust

A cosmetic surgeon should be able to understand your needs and provide you with expected results. Get a feel if your doctor gets you or not and seems interested in achieving your goals. Also, you should be absolutely comfortable in sharing your story but shouldn’t feel rushed at any time of this process.

3. A Thorough Explanation

A doctor should take all the time to explain you about all your available options, risks included, benefits and recovery time in detail. Reputed doctors like Paul C Drago, MD, want their patients to be fully informed of the procedure before the surgery. Make sure you also get an inclusive price quote and how long it will be valid.

4. Previous Cases, Reviews and Testimonials

Ask for the before and after photos of the surgeon’s previous cases. The cases should be specifically related to your concerns and goals. Take a close look at the photos to see how appealing the end results are. Apart from surgeon’s experience in similar cases, look for patient reviews and testimonials to know the customer’s responses.

A cosmetic consultation experience needs to be informative, relaxed and fun. So, if you encounter zero red flags and like the cosmetic surgeon’s work, get on board with scheduling your surgery.

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