4 Corrective Surgeries for Facial Fat

4 Corrective Surgeries for Facial Fat

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The best way to reduce facial fat is to lose weight. By burning more calories than you consume, you should be able to lose weight steadily. Once you’ve shed a sufficient amount of pounds, your face should appear much thinner and you would have more defined cheekbones.

Makeup and facial massages can also make your face look slimmer; however, these aren’t permanent solutions. In fact, unless you maintain your weight-loss, shedding excess pounds won’t prevent the facial fat from reappearing.

Corrective surgeries offer a permanent solution to facial fat. With advanced technology, these surgeries can be carried out without complications and can give patients outstanding results.

Here are some of the corrective surgeries you can undergo to reduce facial fat:

1.     Cheekbone Reduction

We’re all blessed with cheekbones, but when we put on weight, the cheekbones get become get covered in layers of fat resulting in a rounder face with a less defined bone structure.

Cheekbone reduction involves modifying the shape of the upper cheekbones and the zygomatic arch. The cheekbones are shaved so they become more prominent.

In some cases the zygomatic arch may be cut in two places and repositioned for a more “lifted” effect.

2.     V-Line Reduction

People with thinner faces tend to have more pointed chins than those with facial fat. A V-line reduction can elongate the face by making the chin narrower.

V-line reduction focuses on altering the lower portion of the face to reduce its width and make it look pointed as opposed to round.

Parts of the mandible are removed surgically to create a thinner chin and chiseled jawline.

3.     Double-Chin Reduction

If you’ve put on weight, you’ll start noticing some flab behind your chin; this is better known as the double-chin. Exercise may help reduce a double-chin but surgery offers a long-term solution.

In a double-chin reduction, the flesh and bones close to the chin are removed. Double-chin reduction can include mentoplasty, sagittal-split and genioplasty.

4.     Facial Liposuction

Liposuction isn’t just for the body; it can be used to remove fat from the face.

Your surgeon will make incisions around the face to remove excess fat using a suction method. Facial liposuction typically targets fat deposits in the chin, cheeks and neck.

Before you go ahead with liposuction or any kind of facial plastic surgery, it’s better to consult with medical experts and experienced facial plastic surgeons to see what the best way forward is.

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