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Dr. Paul Drago received his degree from the University of Medicine in Ohio State. Currently, he is a medical director for the Department of Corrections in South Carolina. Dr. Paul Drago, MD, believes in providing overall health care to his patient instead of only providing care that falls within the specialty of his work in the Otolaryngologic Department. He has vast experience of working in several medical departments that allows him to provide support to his patients that have a history of acute trauma. Dr. Paul Drago conducts long history research to provide effective treatment to his patients in Greensville, SC.

Dr Paul C Drago MD


ENT specialist

Physicians who become ENT specialists undergo rigorous specialty training to attain the required years of experience. An ENT physician diagnoses and treats disorders, allergies, pain, diseases, and deformities related to the ears, nose, throat, neck and the head.

Dr. Paul C. Drago is a leading ENT specialist who provides medical and surgical treatment for ear, nose, and throat related issues in Greensville, SC. If you’re suffering from issues in any of these areas, contact Dr. Paul C. Drago for the best health care consultation and treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery

Based in South Carolina, Paul C. Drago, MD, is an expert surgeon and medical executive in Otolaryngology and cosmetic surgery. He has almost 25 years of experience in the field and has performed countless procedures of plastic and cosmetic surgery successfully.

Dr. Paul Drago is also an ENT specialist who treats patients suffering from throat, head, nose, and ear infections. If you’re looking for an expert cosmetic surgeon, get in touch with Dr. Paul C. Drago in Greensville, SC, for the best treatment and care.

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Paul Drago is a professional surgeon with vast experience in the field of medicine. He has received acknowledgments for several plastic surgery procedures he has performed Greensville, SC.

He has treated various patients with wounds, loss of mobility and sensation by providing them with an effective solution of plastic surgery. Dr. Paul Drago is also a medical director at the Department of Corrections in South Carolina.

Other than that, he’s involved in emergency treatments, long-term care of sickness, and routine medical checkups in Greenville, SC.

Plastic Surgery